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12,608 Thank Yous & 12,608 Responsibilities

As summer was wrapping up, the thought was floated "How do we use the chapel more?" Lack of water and restrooms, stifling heat, rickety stage and lack of space flexibility were all sited as barriers to that dream. But we decided to dream big and make the big ask. Could we raise enough funds to reclaim the chapel as a center point of Lake Lucerne? What if we tried to do it in just one day?

Yesterday we proved that barriers are not something we should see as stopping points but as opportunities  to grow closer as a wider camp community.  Yesterday we received $12,608 from 94 people and were supported by prayers, social media posts, and conversation by countless others. To this we say thank you. With the matching funds we now have over $25,000 to reclaim the chapel.

The journey doesn't end here. "We" is being used in the collective of camp staff, donors, and those who come to camp. This is now our project to #reclaimthechapel.

We will continue to update as the on-the-ground work of the chapel moves forward. We hope you will continue to engage with us through your prayers, conversation, and attendance! 

We are reclaiming the chapel and you made it possible. Thank you.