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Giving Tuesday 2018- 2pm Update

As we crossed the lunch time hour here at camp, I’ve been anxiously watching the approach of the $10,000 mark signifying a full match of our initial challenge grant. The good news came in the form of a text from a pastor who was a former camp staff letting me know that his entire church had rallied together for a combined donation to push us over the top. Beyond any dollar amount, I am immensely humbled by the conversations and connections that have happened throughout today— a reminder of the power and scope of our camp community.

We aren’t done yet. Now that we have passed our initial $10,000 challenge grant, we are ready to match another $5000. This new challenge is offered up by the Board of Camp and Retreat ministries in support of the transformational experiences made possible by a high ropes element.

When we match this next $5000, we will have reached out initial $30,000 goal to build the climbing wall and zipline portion of the course. And we won’t be done then either. There are plans to expand beyond, but we’ll cross that rope bridge when we get there.

If you haven’t given yet, now’s the time! If you have, who else do you know who wants to be part of this successful effort?

Thanks for partnering with Lake Lucerne and the Board of Camp & Retreat Ministries today!

Collin Grooms
Site Director – Lake Lucerne Camp and Retreat Center