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Swimming in the rain

Ezekiel 34:26: "I will give them and those around my hill a blessing by sending the rain in its season. They will be rains of blessing."

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Too much rain is never a blessing. Whether it falls as a downpour during a dangerous thunderstorm, or adds up over days of steady rain, too much rain causes problems. Flooding. Crop damage. Erosion. Outdoor activities canceled. Mud everywhere.

Not enough rain is never a blessing. Drought is a very real threat in many areas of the world. Crops wither in the field. Animals migrate outside their territory to find drinking water. Wildfires can be more destructive.

But just the right amount of rain, at just the right time, is indeed a blessing. These campers thought the day-long rain would cancel their swim time. But as there was no lightning anywhere, down to the beach they went!

Counselors kept their towels dry under an umbrella, then everyone jumped into the water. When it started raining harder, some of the campers didn’t even notice, because they were already wet from swimming. Others discovered that swimming in the rain can be the most fun way to swim!