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Event Directors Information

Thank you for your willingness to share your gifts and talents this coming summer with United Methodist children, youth, and adults!  Our camps are important for providing places to be “apart” from the usual, so that spiritual growth and development can occur.  They also provide places and times where campers can be “a part” of a Christian community within God’s awesome creation.  As our culture sometimes distances us from these opportunities, you provide leadership that is essential for positive human development.  Thank you!

Wi UMC Summer Staff and
Event Director Handbook

Volunteer/Staff Registration
(registration site for volunteers and staff assisting at camp)

Counselor and Volunteer Summary Form
(used by Event Directors)

Directors' Report (password protected)













Each camper receives a confirmation packet shortly after they have been registered for camp. Beginning this year, many of those confirmation packets were sent via email.

Items included in Camper confirmation packets:

Registration confirmation letter

Statement of family account

Supply lists: youth, family, adult, special needs

Health form(s): youth, adult, special needs

Camper letter

"Your open door to experience the wonder of God's creation and love in exceptional settings."

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