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Grandparent/Grandchild Camp (August 4-6)

Our last weekend of official summer camp was home to another great weekend of Grandparent/Grandchild Camp! A lot of fun spending time together, playing in the lake, being goofy, working on crafts, and just enjoying worship by the lake; all things that will be moments that remembered for a long time by both the grandkids and the grandparents. It was great having you all at Pine Lake Camp!

This summer we gave cameras to campers to see what they decided to take pictures of. We have weeded out the blurry, unidentifiable and finger-placement obscured photos, leaving what we think are the best photos that describe that particular session of camp.

You can click on the thumbnails below for an enlarged version and slideshow features.

If you wish to download any photos, please feel free to right-click and save them for the future!