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Health Information

All campers must complete a health form for camp. No camper – youth or adult - will be admitted without a valid health record. Health forms will be included in your registration packet or may be obtained on line from our web site. Please mail health forms to the appropriate camp site two (2) weeks BEFORE your camp start date. Please do not send the Health Form to the Camping Office in Sun Prairie.

It is important that parents be contacted when necessary regarding your child’s well-being and safety. In the event of illness or an injury to your child, the Site will make every attempt to contact you, while proceeding with appropriate care for your child. If there is a preferred number to call first, please let the Health Coordinator know when you arrive at camp so that it may be noted.

In the operation of the summer camp program, no participant, as defined by program regulations, will be discriminated against because of race, sex, color, age, national origin, or handicap. Any person who believes that a participant has been discriminated against in any USDA related activity should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250