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Lake Lucerne Camp

Lake Lucerne Camp

Founded in 1947 when the Evangelical United Brethren Church purchased the property surrounding the lake, Camp Lucerne was born. Since then the camp has grown to serve thousands of people every year. Today, this year-round camp and retreat facility serves youth, adults, families and many other groups.

Lake Lucerne has facilities that can meet the needs of a variety of groups in many different settings; from Milton Giese Dining Hall, a beautiful dining and meeting facility that can host up to 200 people; to five small winterized retreat lodges with a capacity of 12 people each; to a modern youth lodge that blends green technology with the rustic feeling of camp. Come and enjoy this special place!

Youth Lodge

This T-shaped floor plan offers two large central gathering areas between two sleeping wings. The north gathering room has a large labyrinth in the floor.

Ridgewood Cabins

The Ridgewood Retreat area offers 5 winterized cabins, 4 cabins have a capacity of 12 and 1 has a capacity of 14.

Dellwood Cabins

The Dellwood area offers 12 Summer cabins with a capacity of 10-12 persons each. Housing up to 120 people.

Milton Giese Dining Hall

The Milton Giese Dining Hall is the main dining facility at Lake Lucerne. This two story hall features dining upstairs and two additional meeting spaces downstairs.


Lucerne Centennial Chapel holds a special place in the long history of camp. This special place of worship and praise holds many camp memories.