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One Kid Initiative

Is Your Church on the Map?

What is the impact of one camper going to camp?

While at camp, we know they'll have fun. We know they'll make new friends. We know they'll learn new skills and try new things. We know they'll encounter Christ in unique and energizing ways.

We also know that they return home excited and empowered to participate in their church and community. 

Churches that have a healthy church+camp partnership consistently cite increases in family participation in church events and increased strength of their youth programs. It's a ripple effect that starts with one camper or family and quickly spreads throughout the entire community.

What can the congregation do to encourage youth and families to go to camp?

Tell the story of camp! Has someone in your congregation been impacted positively by a camp experience? Sharing that story of how meaningful camp has been in their faith journey is just one more reminder of the power of camp.

Spread the word! Every congregation has received promotional materials from the conference office to promote camp including posters and brochures. If these aren't prominently displayed, ask the church office about posting them for everyone to see.

Camp scholarships! Many churches have a dedicated fund for camp scholarships. There are also camp scholarship funds available through the conference camping office.

Make connections! Everything is more fun with friends. Encourage families to select weeks of camp where lots of people can go at the same time. Our youth and family programs are designed so everyone can find activities that they enjoy while coming to camp at the same time. Carpooling is another great way for connections to make coming to camp easier.

Did you know...

There are over 450 United Methodist congregations in the State of Wisconsin?

Every United Methodist congregation in Wisconsin supports Pine Lake and Lake Lucerne through apportionment giving?

In 2016, only 25% of Wisconsin UMC congregations had a youth or family attend summer camp?