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Resources for Churches

Here are the tools you need to tell everyone about camp

For additional information and assistance, please contact Kimberly Rowe- Camp Registrar- 608-837-3388.

Conference Camp Scholarships and Paper Registration Form

SCHOLARSHIP INSTRUCTIONS: You are welcome at camp, regardless of your ability to pay. If you want to be here, we will find a way to make it work! Here are the steps to make camp affordable for you:
1) Tiered Pricing Support
When you register for camp, start by selecting Tier A (if available). This price gives you a subsidy with no additional forms to fill out or contacts to make.
2) Camper Payment
We know that people value what they pay for, and we want you to value your camp experience. It is highly unusual for us to provide a full scholarship to a camper. We trust that you know your situation better than we do, and will be honest in paying what is reasonable for you. (This line often ranges from $50-$250)
3) Local Church Scholarship
Churches are usually excited to hear that you want to go to camp! Talk to a pastor to see if the church (or a few members) can help provide a scholarship for you.
4) Conference Scholarship
For generations, people have been donating to our scholarship fund so that you can join us this summer! If you need further support, complete this form. Then gather all payments, your registration form, and this paper, and send it to: WIUMCamps, 750 Windsor St., Suite 203, Sun Prairie, WI 53590. Online registration is also possible and includes all of the neccesary forms for applying for a scholarship!

Questions about this process can be directed to Kimberly Rowe- Camp Registrar- 608-837-3388

Church Announcement Slides/Social Media Posts

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Bulletin Inserts

Please use these bulletin inserts to promote camp in your worship services and other publications. If you would like full color prints mailed to your church, are in need of additional information or graphic packages for congregation promotion please contact Kimberly Rowe- Camp Registrar- 608-837-3388

Impact Report

We know why camp is important and you probably do too. This impact report is a comprehensive view of how Wisconsin United Methodist Camps are making a difference in the lives of campers, families, and congregations. If you like data to back up your love of camp, then this is for you.

Camp Display Ideas

We're sharing great ideas from around the state for displays that promote camp! You can view some ideas below to get started at your congregation or if you already have a great display at your church- send us a photo to

Sun Prairie UMC is raising money for their camp scholarship fund with this bulletin board.  Photo: Rev. Sharon L.S. Cook

Sun Prairie UMC is raising money for their camp scholarship fund with this bulletin board. Photo: Rev. Sharon L.S. Cook

Promotional Videos

When telling the story and browsing the brochure aren't enough, we've got videos for sharing and use in congregations. Use the player below to preview the videos and download at the link for presentation use.