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Summer Camps

2018 Summer Camp Programs

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Age Group
  • Family
  • Grades 2-4: Explorers
  • Grades 3-6: Adventurers
  • Grades 7-9: Journeyers
  • Grades 9-12: High School
  • Special Needs
  • 6/10-6/17
  • 7/29-8/5
  • 7/8-7/15
  • 6/3-6/10
  • 7/15-7/22
  • 6/17-6/24
  • 7/22-7/29
  • 8/5-8/12
  • 7/1-7/8
  • 6/24-7/1

First-Timers Camp


Explorers: Grades 2-4 at Pine Lake
As an extension of our Elementary Explorers program, First-Timers Camp is a special experience for those staying at camp for the very first time. Our experienced and caring staff will work with campers to make sure they feel confident and comfortable in a new place all the while making sure they enjoy a lot of great camp activities! Opportunities to swim, play games, do crafts, eat s’mores and have a campfire are sure to make for a great first time at camp!
June 17-20 (Sun-Wed)

Elementary Explorers


Explorers: Grades 2-4 at Pine Lake
Elementary Explorers is a program just for our youngest campers. Choose between a full week of camp or a shorter mini-session that best fits camper comfort levels. In either case, campers will experience a lot of camp fun! From swimming, to games, to crafts, campfires and worship together, camp is a special experience for every child. And more than anything, our goal is to encourage and create those early faith foundations that will help campers grow and succeed when they go home and well into the future!
June 10-15 (Sun-Fri)
June 17-22 (Sun-Fri)
June 24-27 (Sun-Wed)
July 1-4 (Sun-Wed)

Adventurers Prime

lucerneonwardtoadventure double.jpg

Adventurers: Grades 3-6 at Lake Lucerne
Campers ready to experience a full week of residential camp are always looking for their next adventure. At Adventurers Prime, there's never a dull moment, because there's always something new and fantastic to do. Choose from among these camp favorites and more: swimming, archery, arts and crafts, night games, slip 'n' slide, and rockets. Even Bible study and worship have been turned on their heads. At the heart of the Prime Camp experience are highly trained and passionate counselors who want to have fun while helping everybody come to know the wonder of God.
June 17-22
June 24-29
July 1-4 (Mini-Session)
July 15-20

Video Game Adventures


Adventurers: Grades 3-6 at Pine Lake
For the third year in a row, Video Game Adventures is ready with a crazy blend of playing video games and encouraging campers to try real life versions of the video game activities they love! Archery, flying drones, remote control car races and much, much more! You never know what to expect at this week of exciting and adventurous camp! Campers will also have the opportunity to do all the camp activities you have come to love like swimming, crafts, campfires and worship together! So what do you say? Is it time to “Press Start” and meet us at Video Game Adventures?
Leaders: Jim and Jacob Dahl
July 15-20

Treehouse Adventures


Adventurers: Grades 3-6 at Pine Lake
Our rustic camp progression starts with our ever-popular Treehouse Adventure! Join other campers as you learn basic wilderness skills including shelter building, open fire cooking, orienteering, and much more! Campers stay in elevated cabins will help with basic camp needs like getting water from the hand-pump, gathering fire wood and helping serve each other during meals. Unique activities also include spending time in the woods building stick forts, playing night games, swimming and canoeing in the 20 foot Voyageur canoe! Campers also learn about the need to care for God’s creation through nature activities and daily worship together.
June 24-29
July 15-20
July 22-27
August 5-10

Backpack Journeys


Journeyers: Grades 7-9 at Pine Lake
A new and exciting next stop in our rustic camp progression!  Backpack Journeys will have campers learning how to first make decisions when filling their supplied frame backpack and then learning how to hike out to a location to setup their basecamp. From here, campers will do various activities that build on more advanced wilderness skills that help them gain confidence with the surroundings they are hiking through (plant/tree identification, animal tracks, determining useful resources). Campers will move locations through the week to different camping scenarios including a shipwreck and what to do if you get lost in the woods. All hiking is done on the beautiful 440 acre Pine Lake property. Campers will also have opportunities to swim, play games, worship, and have lots of fun together enjoying a one of a kind nature experience!
July 15-20
July 22-27



Adventurers: Grades 3-6 & Journeyers: Grades 7-9 at Pine Lake
YoMiCa (short for Youth Missions Camp) is an amazing week of camp learning about mission work and how it is impacting different countries and cultures around the world. YoMiCa has a strong following as a camp that has a deep impact in the lives of campers that attend and many life-long friendships are formed each year. Activities include swimming, tie-dye, a talent show and lots more as your counselors make sure you have an amazing week!
Leaders: Caitlyn Fischer, Danny Flynn & the UMW
July 22-27

Journeyers Prime


Journeyers: Grades 7-9 at Lake Lucerne
Jouneyers Prime promises camp the way you want it, with activity choices and extra freedoms to explore your world and your faith your way. Will you make your week about sports with swimming, gagaball, and archery? Or exploring nature with geocaching, biking, and fishing? How about a science week with stargazing, rocket launches, and consumable chemistry? Or perhaps a sampler with a mix of everything! Helping make your week awesome will be counselors who are excited about the things you're excited about, sharing their experiences and knowledge and exploring together. Worship and Bible study experiences are focused on meeting you where you're at in your faith journey. Journeyers Prime will be the highlight of your summer, where you'll make lifelong friends and have life-changing experiences.
June 17-22
June 24-29
July 1-4 (Mini-Session)
July 15-20



High School: Grades 9-12
Being a camp staff member has no parallels - helping others grow in their faith, leading fun activities, building a community of service minded young adults (and it looks great on any resume or college application). The Staff-in-Training experience is a two-week program for high school students interested in exploring what it means to be on summer camp staff. Spend the first week at camp learning the basics of camp leadership while interacting with other future camp leaders. Return to camp later in the summer to assist in a cabin with campers, practicing your newly learned skills first hand while being mentored by experienced camp staff. New for 2018! Choose your camp for your first-week experience.
June 10-15 at Pine Lake
June 17-22 at Lake Lucerne

Night Owl


High School: Grades 9-12 at Lake Lucerne
The high school event of the summer cannot be effectively described in one small paragraph. On the surface, Night Owl is about sleeping in and staying up late. Dig a little deeper and you find a community of people who are exploring and growing together, supporting each other in life and faith, all while having the most possible fun. Every camp activity gets bigger and better as you get older. Lifelong friends are made as we take deep dives into exploring faith and its connection to ourselves and the world around us. Simply put, you won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind experience.
July 29- August 3

Grandparent / Grandchild Camp


Family Camp
A special weekend that allows for some quality time spent between grandparents and their grandkids. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, great food, and a lot of camp activities to build memories for years to come. Activities will include opportunities for swimming, boating, crafts, singing and worship time as a group. Campfires and s’mores are a must too! Each weekend is led by great volunteers who design a schedule that is sure to be the highlight of the summer for you and your family!

June 8-10 at Pine Lake, Leaders: Rev. Ron & Candace Kral
June 22-24 at Pine Lake, Leaders: Rev. Kendall & Karen Schlittler
July 8-11 at Lake Lucerne, Leaders: Carol Feest and Karen Robotka

Family Discovery Camp


Family Camp
What happens when we are intentional about discovering God as a family? When we take time to pray, explore, study, and grow our faith as family? This camp will provide families with time to do all these things and equip them with the tools to continue at home. This camp is geared toward families with children in elementary school. Other ages are welcome. 
Leaders: Nick & Jamie Coenen at Pine Lake
August 3-5 (Fri- Sun)

Former Staff Family Camp


Family Camp
A special family camp for those with a unique and special connection to Pine Lake! Join fellow staff alumnus as we return to this special place to share stories, participate in the activities you used to lead, and enjoy lots of time catching up with old friends. A great chance for staff to bring their kids and spouses to camp as well to share why this place played an important part in their life!
Leaders: Nick & Jamie Coenen at Pine Lake
June 29-July 1 (Fri- Sun)

Mother / Daughter Weekend


Family Camp
Take time for you and your daughters and/or granddaughters! Enjoy a great weekend get-away with no dishes, no cleaning, just time for you and your daughter to have fun and relax together. Nurture your relationship with God and each other with devotions while having fun swimming, hiking, relaxing, and doing crafts.

July 13-15 at Pine Lake, Leaders: Angie Dahl & Kristin Stricker
July 27-29 at Lake Lucerne, Leaders: Susan & Brianna Leibsle

Big Family Beach Getaway


Family Camp
Grandparents-aunts-uncles… Everyone is invited to this extended family event! Enjoy campfires, crafts, morning vespers, singing, meals made for you, a beautiful beach, and retreat center lodging. Enjoy a relaxing time that bonds families and strengthens faith.
Leaders: Joni and Andy Shavlik at Pine Lake
June 14-17 (Thur-Sun)

Adult Special Needs Camp


Grow, learn, explore, and play while engaged in an intentional faith community. Our camps offer a mixture of fun activities and opportunities for spiritual and personal growth for our special needs campers. Our special needs programs are led by trained staff who are exploring their calls toward special needs care and ministry.

A camp experience is something that is highly valued by our Special Needs campers; many have been in attendance for over 20 years in a row!

To register for this camp you will need to complete the Special Needs Registration Form and the Special Needs Health Form. If you are new to our camp or haven't been with us in the last three years, you will also need reference letters. Please see our Guidelines for Special Needs Campers for assistance.

June 17-22 PLAYA (for active, young adult campers)
July 8-13
July 29-August 3